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Vocational Services Program at SCIL

The SCIL Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Employment Services Program provides consumer-driven comprehensive employment related services for VR customers who reside in the SCIL five county service area. SCIL will serve consumers referred by VR staff and will refer potential consumer to VR for eligibility determination. Services are designed to help people with disabilities who are VR consumers to prepare for and engage in activities associated with gainful employment. VR consumers served by SCIL will be assisted with the development of the knowledge and skills needed to pursue vocational goals consistent with each consumer’s unique situation, strength, ability, interests and preferences.


Services are individualized and consumer driven and address both pre– and post-employment. SCIL staff work with consumers and VR counselors to provide any and all services deemed appropriate and necessary to achieve successful employment outcomes. SCIL provides computers and internet access and screen reader software, dedicated for use by VR consumers and are available to the completion of online applications, educational/training activities and video viewing.


Job preparation/job readiness skills training and assistance:

· Job search basics-understanding terminology, paper work,
   pay schedules, techniques for  following up on job leads

· Completing job applications-both paper and on-line versions

· Cover letter and resume development

· Interviewing techniques

· Employment testing preparation


Independent living/life skills training and assistance to promote/support employment success:

· Problem solving and decision making

· Transportation—obtaining discounts, understanding bus schedules,
   planning route

· Health care management-obtaining heath care-related benefits,
   managing health issues and medications

· Money management and budgeting

· Managing benefits when employed

· Managing household issues

· Organizational and time management techniques

Basic work skills training:

· Work skills assessments

· General math or reading skills

· Computer literacy including keyboarding, internet and email usage

· Understanding work place rules and expectations

· Appropriate work place hygiene and clothing

· Effective interpersonal communications

· Accessibility and accommodations assistance for customers
   and employers


Follow-up services to facilitate adjustment to and maintenance of gainful employment:

· Assistance in obtaining clothing, tools, supplies for employment

· Follow-up and support services to employers to assist with
   communication, training, accommodations and/or other services
   necessary to promote new employee job success/retention


For info call Dave Munroe: 217-523-2587

Vocational Services  Program