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SCIL offers presentations on numerous topics addressing disability issues. Various businesses, state and federal agencies, local government entities, schools and local service agencies have requested SCIL to offer presentations and disability awareness training to staff and membership. SCIL has participated as a training agency for the Illinois State Police Academy, Springfield Fire Department and EMS Personnel, Lincoln Land Community College, University of Illinois at Springfield, Illinois Department of Public Health/Illinois Disability and Health Program, Office of the Attorney General, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of Illinois, Springfield Police Department, Taylorville Police Department, Lincoln Police Department, Taylorville Senior Citizens Center, Springfield Mass Transit District, Springfield School District 186 and other areas schools. SCIL presentations can be tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of any group. Some presentation topics offered by SCIL include:
    • Disability Awareness
    • Americans with Disabilities Act
    • IDEA, 504 and Educational issues
    • Personal Empowerment and Advocacy
    • Employers Support and Education
    • Volunteer Opportunities at SCIL
    • Specific Disability Topic or Issue
    • Volunteer Parking Program


Please contact Pete Roberts at SCIL if you would like to learn more about SCIL presentations. Call SCIL, 217 523-2587 v/tty or email: proberts@scil.org

Public Education and Disability Awareness