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Springfield Center for Independent Living

SCIL is a non-profit, non-residential service and advocacy organization. SCIL services are free and available to all persons with disabilites and seniors (with or without disabilites).

Front view of SCIL at 330 South Grand Avenue West at Springfield, Illinois 62704

What is a center for independent living?

A center for independent living (CIL) is based on the independent living philosophy which is the belief that all persons, regardless of disability, have the right and responsibility to control and direct their own lives and to fully participate as equal members of society. 
Opened in 1985, SCIL serves people with disabilities, their families and communities in Christian, Logan, Menard, Montgomery, and Sangamon counties.

SCIL’s mission is to increase opportunities for equality, integration, and independence for all persons with disabilities through advocacy, services, and public education.

SCIL’s 5 Core Services



SCIL is here to empower the consumers to develop and implement a strategy to control their own lives by assessing their needs, establishing their goals, and evaluating available resources.
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Independent Living Skills Training

SCIL offers training to consumers on an individual or group basis. Areas of focus are determined by the need of the individual consumer and could include: SSDI/SSI benefits assistance, self-care, financial management, self-advocacy, employment, bus training and more.

Peer Counseling

SCIL offers opportunities for individuals to exchange information, experiences and feelings with a person who has a similar disability or life experience.
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Youth Transition from Student Life to Independence
From Long Term Care into Your Community
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Information & Referral

SCIL offers a wide range of information and materials about disabilities, services, and issues of concern. These resources can be obtained in person or by calling SCIL. SCIL also offers referral services to assist consumers in locating services and information in our 5 county service area.
All services are individualized which means SCIL may not have a specific program or service that encompasses all the needs of a consumer. SCIL staff work together to ensure a consumer’s need is addressed. It may be necessary to refer a consumer to another agency to receive a particular service or information. SCIL staff work with other related agencies when necessary to provide the consumer with the appropriate supports and services needed.
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